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Johnny Walker & Paul Brumm - 78 Pieces (LP)

by Johnny Walker

21.00 / Sold Out

Johnny Walker (Soledad Brothers, Cut In the Hill Gang) et Paul Brumm (contrebassiste, ingénieur du son du studio The Lodge à Dayton, Kentucky) font revivre des perles du blues.

Disque 6 titres sorti sur Grimtale Records, épuisé aux USA.

Mauvaise Foi Records en a acheté un stock au label, il n'en reste qu'un quinzaine !

Descriptif du label :
"Johnny took a handful of his old obscure 78 blues records and spent six month learning them by ear and mastering his reproduction of these legends one note at a time. This six song LP (45rpm) brings to life much of what has been forgotten in only the way that a Soledad brother could. He is backed up from his master engineer, Paul Brumm who helped bring this monster to life both via the music and studio engineering."